Bible Studies


Sunday Morning and Thursday Evening Bible Study

 Leader: Pastor Arndt
Church Kitchen Area

Meeting Day(s): Sunday & Thursday
Meeting Time: 8:30 am & 6:00 PM
Sundays at 8:30 AM, Thursdays at 6:00 PM

Sept. 10th & 17th (14th & 21st) --- Intelligent Design: friend or foe in the war of worldviews

Sept. 24th (28th) --- Global Warming:  How concerned (and how green) should we be?

Oct. 1st & 8th (5th & 12th) --- Gender Identity: Who makes the call (and how)?

Oct. 15th (19th) --- Secret Baptism: A grandparent's right--or wrong?

Oct. 22nd --- No Bible Study

Oct. 29th (Nov. 2nd) --- Saint Nicholas--What do we do with Santa (Halloween)?

Nov. 5th & 12th (9th & 16th) --- Close Communion:  Are we closing the door on reaching the lost?

Nov. 19th --- Broke to Bankrupt:  Does my faith let me file?